Fitted with a stainless steel lock, the upper part turns to be removed. The butt collector is therefore easy to reach.

Once opened, the metal collector is easily removed and emptied. As it may contains thousands of butts, there’s no need to open it frequently !

The drop’in is safe and easy to use. A butt thrown into the drop’in goes through the long metal tube and smothers in the metal container without being in contact with the composite material.  The stainless steel top screwed on the upper part of the drop’inmakes it totally waterproof.

Very practical, the drop’in is delivered with a dismantled tube. Really compact, it can be therefore  easily transported and stocked before being assembled. Two  options are available : either stuffed with 25 kilos of sand or fixed to the ground thanks to 3 pre-indicated points, positionned on a stainless steel plate.